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Winter Concert 2015 Info!

JLDC is proud to present students of the School for Excellence and Hip Hop Program in the 15th  Annual Winter Concert…

Saturday, January 24, 2015 1:00  4:00 and 6:30 pm

Winter Concert 2015-Master Schedule (PDF Link)

Winter Concert 2015-Dress Rehearsal Schedule (PDF Link)

Tickets on Sale: Wed. Dec 3rd at NOON

DRESS REHEARSAL FORMAT: Rehearsals are held at: Eleanor Casey Welch Theater, Fine Arts Center,Regis College, 235   Wellesley St., Weston, Ma

  • All students need to report to  the BLACKBOX Dressing Room or the Green Room (preparatory students) at Regis College IN COSTUME 15 minutes prior to their scheduled rehearsal time.  Free Parking is located in the back parking lot at Regis College. Cars parked in the front circle WILL BE TOWED.
  • Children should be in COSTUME including make-up and hair for dress rehearsals.

SHOW FORMAT: Performers should ARRIVE in costume and full make-up 1 hour before curtain time and be taken to their designated dressing room at Regis College. Please follow the posted signs. Parents are requested to settle children with their group and leave as soon as they can. Children will sit with their group and chaperones, who will supervise organized activities.

  • The concert is approximately 1.50 hours long. All students participate in the finale.
  • Children will be chaperoned  backstage. Parents may pick children up in their designated dressing room after the show.

COSTUMES: PLEASE label ALL costumes & accessories. LEAVE VALUABLES AT HOME.

  • Hair: Should be worn in a slicked back high bun for performances. Hip Hops should wear hair in a high pony tail, unless told otherwise. Please bring extra bobby pins and safety pins to both rehearsal AND  recital.
  • Shoes: Please clean ahead of time with a damp cloth and mild soap. STRINGS SHOULD BE TUCKED INTO THE BALLET SLIPPER.
  • MAKE-UP: It should be applied heavily so that features are seen underneath the bright lighting. Foundation should be a shade darker than skin tone, brown eyeshadow, and red/burgundy lipstick. 6th-12th grade students should apply eyelashes with mascara and black eyeliner.
  • Underpants: Are not worn under  costumes. New tights should be worn for the CONCERT ONLY. No  jewelry, hair wraps, ankle bracelets or other accessories will be permitted at the performance.

DIRECTIONS: Regis College Fine Arts Center: If traveling North on Rt. 95, take exit 24 to Rt. 30 West. Continue approx. 2 miles and make a right turn onto Wellesley St.  Regis College is approx. ¼ mile on the right. Parking is located at the rear of the theater. If traveling South on Rt. 95, take exit 26 to Rt. 20 West. Continue approx. 1 mile and make a left turn onto Wellesley St.  Bear right at the fork in the road. Regis College is approx. 1 mile on right. Parking is located at the rear of the theater. Please note: ALL parking is in the REAR of the Fine Arts Center.