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…a new enrichment class


2016-2017 Session Dates and Fees

Classes begin September 18, 2016 Tuition: $1,330.00 (2hr) Enrollment is ongoing. Students may join at anytime.

Class Description

 The Dance Collective is a new enrichment class at JLDC designed for beginner/intermediate dancers ages 11-15 who wish to hone their technique in four dance styles: ballet, contemporary, jazz and hip hop.


The beginning of the class is composed of ballet barre and floor exercises. Students will then move into contemporary, learning how to feel and interpret choreography and music. Simple jazz combinations paired with awesome music leads to greater sense of awareness, confidence and feeling good. During the last part of class, students will get their swagger on with high energy performance choreography to the most current music. The vibe is tons of fun and feeling comfortable in your own skin!

The Dance Collective is taught by new teacher Michaela Knyff. Trained in all styles of dance, Michaela is passionate about sharing her love for dance with her students. Combined with her upbeat, positive attitude, Michaela’s classes are the perfect mix of serious training and fun!

Register                         Class     Day Times
Enroll Today The Dance Collective  Fri 6:00-8:00pm
Enroll Today The Dance Collective  Sun 11:00-1:00pm