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JLDC students with Mignon Furman, Founding Director of the American Academy of Ballet.

 JLDC Student Life


At Joanne Langione Dance Center, we care most of all that each and every student learn to dance in a atmosphere of love dance support.

We adhere to our mission of creating a “community based school” educating our students to the many ways in which a proper dance education can inform their lives: creating life-long lovers of dance whether a student chooses to dance professionally or whether they dance simply for the joy of it.

Our students become leaders in the world of dance: professionally, intellectually, and spiritually as performers, directors, choreographers and educators.

Every aspect of our program supports our core values of good training, work and fun. Our instructors constantly challenge students to hone their natural talents and encourage them to compete against their own sense of excellence.

Founded in 1976, Joanne Langione Dance Center is, by conviction a “school that creates the well-rounded, diverse dancer” with a curriculum tailored to develop in our students proficiency and versatility.  Building on a classical foundation, our students train in modern and contemporary peaking their intellectual curiosity, self-motivation, and capacity for hard work. We encourage them to find their uniqueness and what dance means to them.

Much time is spent training but we believe that creating, composing and performing are important tools for our students to develop and discover talent.

Ours is a gathered community, in which students with different interests, talents, and perspectives come to express themselves.



JLDC students gather for a photo after taking  master class from leading hip hop and contemporary professionals.

Students sharing in their personal achievements after ballet exams administered by American Academy of Ballet

Outreach Program students perform annually at many local events as well as performing for Newton’s retirement communities.