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Letter to Parents as we enter our 40th season of Joanne Langione Dance…..








“So many, many, many THANK YOU’s to you are in order and are long overdue. For you provided me with great, quality care, kindness, excellence, love and support, intelligent, humorous guidance, protection, solid and honest schooling in dance and performance.”

Shawn Jude Mahoney
JLDC 1976 – 1986

Dearest Parents,

As I opened up my e-mail on one of the last days of the summer, this “thank you” greeted me. It arrived at a time when I was beginning to question whether all of the trials that we faced this summer had finally been worth it.  I send it to you now at the start of the new year as a reminder that they have. Your children are studying dance at a school that, since its humble beginnings, has always persevered in the face of adversity, stayed true to its mission, survived and thrived.

My architect, recounting the many hurdles that we faced in this project that we call “38,” turned to me yesterday and said, “this really has been a labor of love for you and Paul.” The remark made me think about love and how it emanated in all directions.  Of course starting with Paul Langione and the many, many teams that came to the rescue, the “great, quality care, kindness, excellence, love and support” that we have felt from so many throughout this project will never, ever be forgotten. We’re delighted with the final product for so many reasons:

  • Each classroom has its own personality from the coziest to the grand and many amenities await those who teach and study in them.
  • The student corridor is designed to be a place for students to gather, chat and get information as they head to the dressing rooms, hair and makeup areas and then to warm up for class. The “vibe” is meant to be distinctly “student”.
  • The parent lobby is bright with lots of natural light and will hopefully give you a place to relax and catch up while waiting for your dancer.
  • And foremost, the dedication and gallery walls will serve as a reminder to current students of all those who came before them to our “little school” and hopefully inspire them to what will be their responsibility in maintaining its reputation.

In the weeks ahead and as classes move to 38, we will be getting the kinks out but please know that you will be invited to be part of a year of wonderful celebrations —complete with JLDC stu/fac performances as we honor you and those who have given so much to us over the years and who have allowed us the opportunity to provide you this space.

It is with pleasure that, after 40 years of quality teaching, we welcome back senior faculty alongside a new generation of extremely well trained faculty, allowing us to continue providing students with  “humorous guidance, protection, solid and honest schooling of dance and performance” for years to come.

With love and gratitude,
September, 2015