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Celebrating over 45 years of bringing quality dance education to our community...

On September 10th, 1976, Joanne Langione Dance Center opened its doors…

at the Rebecca Pomeroy House in Newton. That spring, a small troupe of bright-eyed, toe-pointing young girls tottered onto a nearly colorless stage at Aquinas Jr. College for our very first dance recital. My life since then has been little less than a dream come true. Fortunate to have encountered such a receptive community all those years ago, it is now and has been for 40 years your generous and unflagging support in good times and in bad that has given me a place I call home—that has given me JLDC.

Looking out from the stage at Regis during recital weekend, I was humbled not only by the sight of the nine different audiences that helped us celebrate this year, but by the memory of the kind and countless audiences that have sustained us across the years, through the many incarnations of this happy school. I am particularly grateful to those pioneering students, teachers, and parents who labored through the “early years” to establish an enduring tradition of excellence. Your legacy endures in every pirouette, in every dancer’s first tutu, in every tear on the face of a departing senior. All that we achieve today at JLDC is indebted to your example and dedicated to your memory.

With love and gratitude,


At Joanne Langione Dance Center, we care, most of all that each and every student learn to dance in an atmosphere of love and support.

We adhere to our mission of creating a “community based school” educating our students to the many ways in which a proper dance education can inform their lives: creating life-long lovers of dance whether a student chooses to dance professionally or whether they dance simply for the joy of it.

Our students become leaders in the world of dance: professionally, intellectually and spiritually as performers, directors, choreographers and educators.

Every aspect of our program supports our core values of good training, work and fun. Our instructors constantly challenge students to hone their natural talents and encourage them to compete against their own sense of excellence.

Founded in 1976, JLDC is, by conviction a “school that creates the well-rounded, diverse dancer” with curriculum tailored to develop in our students proficiency and versatility. Building on a classical foundation, our students train in modern and contemporary peaking their intellectual curiosity, self-motivation and capacity for hard work. We encourage them to find their uniqueness and what dance means to them.

Much time is spent training but we believe that creating, composing and performing are important tool for our students to develop and discover talent.

Ours is a gathered community, in which students with different interests, talents and perspectives come to express themselves.

To preserve and foster a future generation of well trained dancers in the Newton Community. To serve as a community school, to create a common interest in dance and grow, to create family-friendly productions, allowing children and teens, community members and families access to professional quality productions presenting dedicated JLDC dancers of all ages.

The Dance Center: A school in the Newton Community Ages: 6 mos-Adults Year Founded: September 1976 Director: Joanne Langione Location: 38 Border Street, Newton, Ma 02465 Faculty: 18 (many of whom have been with JLDC for 10+ years!) Instruction: Classical Ballet, Modern, Contemporary, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Musical Theater, Acrodance, Pre-School Programs: School Year and Summer Programs Concerts: Hip Hop Show, Winter Concert, and Year End Recitals Community: Performances at Newton Village Day, Harvest Fair, Mayor’s Open House, Retirement Communities, NSHS Spring Tertulia. Classes at Newton Free Library.