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June Recitals 2014

Welcome to our 38th Anniversary Recital

As part of the JLDC dance program, students give spring recitals each year. We feel that these presentations help to develop in our students’ poise and a sense of achievement. Please note: students have the option to participate when they attend class consistently.

It is with great pleasure that the JLDC faculty welcomes you to its Spring Recital to be held at the Fine Arts Center, Regis College

Sat, May 31st & Sun, June 1st 2014
10:00am, 1:00pm, 4:00pm, 6:30pm

Ticket Sale: Wednesday, February 5th at noon

Dress Rehearsal Schedule 2014



Recital Format: Performers should ARRIVE in costume and full make-up 45 MINUTES to 1 HOUR before curtain time and be taken to their designated dressing room at Regis College. Please follow the posted signs. Parents are requested to settle children with their group and leave as soon as they can. Children will sit with their group and chaperones, who will supervise organized activities. The recital is approximately 1.5 hours long. All students participate in the finale. Children will be chaperoned backstage, where they will be able to watch a video and/or video monitor of the show, Young children will enjoy a juice and crackers after their dance while the show is in progress. Parents may pick 2-6 years olds up from stage and 7&Up in their designated classroom after the show.

Costumes: PLEASE label all costumes & accessories. LEAVE VALUABLES AT HOME. DO NOT BRING extra items: i.e. t-shirts, games, toys, food etc.

Hair: Hair should be in a bun unless otherwise instructed by your teacher. Short hair should be neatly done, and worn off the face. Please bring extra bobby pins and safety pins to both rehearsal AND recital.

Shoes: Please clean ahead of time with a damp cloth and mild soap. STRINGS SHOULD BE TUCKED INTO THE BALLET SLIPPER.

Underpants: Are not worn under costumes. New tights are provided and should be worn for RECITAL ONLY. No jewelry, hair wraps, ankle bracelets or other accessories will be permitted at the performance.

MAKE-UP: Applied by parents at home. It may be worn at dress rehearsal; it MUST be worn at the recital. It should be applied heavily.

Dress Rehearsal Format: See Dress Rehearsal Schedule. All students need to report IN COSTUME to their assigned dressing room at Regis College, Fine Arts Center at their scheduled time. PARKING IS IN THE REAR. CARS PARKED IN THE FRONT CIRCLE WILL BE TOWED. Parents of children in the INTRO TO DANCE/ PRE-BALLET/TAP CLASSES should stay with their children. Rehearsal will be around 1 to 1½ hours. FUNDAMENTALS classes should report to their assigned dressing room at their scheduled time in their JAZZ OR TAP COSTUME. Please be on hand to change your child from her jazz or tap to the ballet costume. Rehearsal will be 1½ to 2 hours long. Parents may sit in the balcony of the theater. THERE WILL BE NO VISITORS ALLOWED AT REHEARSALS.VIDEO CAMERAS ARE ALLOWED at dress rehearsal FROM THE REAR OF THE THEATER ONLY. Please note: VIDEO CAMERAS ARE NOT PERMITTED AT THE RECITALS. There will be a professionally prepared video of the recitals available for purchase

EARLY RELEASE VOUCHER: Our recital dates are posted in September. This allows parents time to plan in advance to ensure their child’s participation in the dance recital. Sometimes however, conflicts do arise. In these cases, we use a voucher system for those who need to leave early. Therefore, if your child is unable to participate in the entire performance, a voucher must be obtained from the office, filled out and returned to the office prior to May 13th. This early release voucher format is taken to ensure the safety of all children. PLEASE PLAN AHEAD.

“Babes-In Arms” Policy: In consideration of our entire student body and their families, and in compliance with Weston Ordinance Fire Codes, we must firmly request that families with small children (infants and toddlers on laps and in carriages) make prior child care arrangements for their youngest children, as we cannot admit “babes-in-arms” to the recitals. We realize that you may wish to bring your youngest children, but we are governed by circumstances beyond our control.

Professional VIDEOGRAPHY: KPS Video Productions, Inc. of Auburn is pleased to announce that we will once again be professionally videotaping this year’s dance recitals. Copies of the recitals can be purchased directly from KPS Video. Forms are available at JLDC and will be available at Regis College.

Recital Program Ad Campaign: We hope that you will be able to join in our efforts by placing an ad in this year’s recital program. Please extend this opportunity to friends and local businesses. An advertisement in our recital program could be very beneficial to a local business, as it would generate exposure to an audience of over 5000 people. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (617) 969-8724. Email artwork to info@jldancecenter.com. Rates: Full Page 160.00 Half Page: 100.00 Quarter Page: 70.00. Deadline: Friday, May 3rd.

RECITAL NOTE TO PARENTS: Students have worked hard to make this performance “special”. Without the cooperation and support of parents this experience would not be the success that it is for your child. As we have in the past, let’s continue to encourage our children so that they will find reward in their efforts.