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School For Excellence

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Much time is spent training but we believe that creating, composing and performing are important tools for our students to develop and discover talent. Dance is a performing art and as such, we encourage performance at every level of training. We adhere to our mission of educating our students to the many ways in which a proper dance education can inform their lives: creating life-long lovers of dance whether a student chooses to dance professionally or whether she dances for the simply joy of it. Family-friendly concerts given by our students throughout the year provide ample opportunity to hone technical and performance skills while developing in them a sense of pride and accomplishment.


Dance competitions create positive environments in which students can learn about themselves when they are managed well by discerning dance educators. Competition can help keep students on the ladder of progress in performance and technique while giving them confidence.  Competitions “naturally” teach students to “work as hard as they can to do the very best that they can”. At JLDC, students are selected to participate in competitions when they have reached a certain criteria.


Every aspect of our program supports our core values of good training, work and fun. Our teachers constantly challenge students to hone their natural talents and encourage them to compete against their own sense of excellence. Master classes outside the school allow students to compare themselves to others who are training in the same way at the same age. This benchmark serves to inspire students to acknowledge their achievements while committing to working even more diligently to reach their full potential. Exposure to different teaching methods motivates students to learn in new ways.

Cummunity Outreach

It is with great pleasure and pride that I write about the Joanne Langione Dance Center Student Outreach Programs where our goal is to enrich the lives of Newton’s youth and senior communities.

Outreach Program students perform annually at the Mayor’s New Year’s Day Open House, Newton School Fairs, Harvestfest, NSHS Spring Tertulia, NNHS Arts Showcase, Funtastic Fridays as well as Newton Main Library and Newton’s retirement communities.

JLDC’s ANNUAL FREE EVENTS include the Halloween “Dress up and Dance” Party, the Sugarplum Party, and the Pinkalicious Party.

If you have made a contribution to the JLDC Outreach in the past, please accept our thanks and may we ask for your continued support in maintaining and expanding these worthwhile child-centered events in the Newton community.

Thank you for your support!
Joanne Langione

To donate to the JLDC Outreach Program by mail, Please send your contribution to the address below:

Joanne Langione Dance Center
35 Border St
Newton, Ma 02465

Please make check payable to Joanne Langione Dance Center Outreach Program

For other information please call us at 617-969-8724

JLDC School for Excellence

School for Excellence encompasses Core and Excel classes with increased opportunities in Performance, Workshop, Master Class, Convention, Competition and Concert. School for Excellence Invitations will be granted according to age, excel level, interest and experience.

Talent, discipline, attendance and attitude will determine how involved qualified students will become in SFE throughout the year.

Students for Excellence will be required to partake in certain “TEAM” events while others
may be optional. JLDC Concerts in January and June and Competition are required.

Students are strongly encouraged to train 10-12 months a year. Specifically, the JLDC June
program classes will be designed to develop greater technical skill in our SFE
students and is required.

Advanced students, working at a very high level may be invited to perform Trio, Duet and
Solo choreography at well respected competitions sought out for maximum benefit
to our students.

Qualified SFE students will be paired with JLDC and Guest Choreographer/Coaches for Solo, Duet, Trio and Group pieces geared to cultivate both technical skill and performance artistry showcased in Select Competitions held in March.

SFE students will be asked to sign a commitment contract and to adhere to the JLDC Code of Conduct for class and performance.

Parents are asked to become involved as volunteers at various  SFE student events with our appreciation.

Lower School

Lower School

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Middle School

Middle School

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Upper School

Upper School

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