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Our goal is that every student learn to dance in a fun, loving and supportive atmosphere! For our youngest dancers, who are learning so much about the world around them each day, we have tailored our age-appropriate PLAYDANCE curriculum to enhance their physical, social, emotional and cognitive development.

With over 45 years of experience, PLAYDANCE will build  your child’s confidence, inspire a sense of adventure and encourage their artistic expression all while fostering their love of music and movement. Our dedicated, well-qualified faculty teach in a fun, safe and caring environment. Our PLAYDANCE faculty are dance educators with degrees in Dance from Colleges and Universities throughout the US. They love dance, and love to teach and exude energy, warmth, and bright smiles so engaging to toddlers.


This wonderfully exciting educational movement program encourages your child’s natural curiosity for exploration and will develop social and physical skills, contentment and confidence, setting the stage for future health and development. Participants will enjoy familiar songs and gentle movement activities that strengthen the bond between baby and caregiver. 

2021 12-WEEK FALL SESSION (9/19 - 12/11)
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Session Fee: $290

Using a open space, fun props, a variety of songs and movement activities, your dancer will have fun using their imaginations while also developing classroom readiness. Playdance I is designed for dancers who prefer to participate WITH their caregiver. Over the course of the session, dancers will begin to work on independent participation at their own, gentle pace.

2021 12-WEEK FALL SESSION (9/19 - 12/11)
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During this hour-long class students will build upon their skills with new and familiar age-appropriate song and dance activities in the same professional, fun, safe and caring environment they have come to know and love. Dancers will learn introductory ballet vocabulary and steps while also beginning to dance independently from caregivers.

2021 12-WEEK FALL SESSION (9/19 - 12/11)
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