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Dance Conventions 2021-2022

Every aspect of our program supports our core values of good training, work and fun. Our teachers constantly challenge students to hone their natural talents and encourage them to compete against their own sense of excellence. Master classes outside the school allow students to compare themselves to others who are training in the same way at the same age. This benchmark serves to inspire students to acknowledge their achievements while committing to working even more diligently to reach their full potential. Exposure to different teaching methods motivates students to learn in new ways.


Dance Competitions 2021-2022

Tentative Dates: Competition #1: February 4th-6th, 2022 and Competition #2: March 4th-6th, 2022
Dance competitions create positive environments in which students can learn about themselves when they are managed well by discerning dance educators. Competition can help keep students on the ladder of progress in performance and technique while giving them confidence.  Competitions “naturally” teach students to “work as hard as they can to do the very best that they can.” At JLDC, students are selected to participate in competitions when they have reached a certain criteria.