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Young Dancer’s Program- ages 7-10


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Fundamentals I ages 7.0-8.0 (2nd grade) begins the formal study of ballet with simple barre exercises and center floor technique. Proper ballet terminology is used and classical music appreciation is begun. Following ballet, a short section of tap and contemporary jazz including hip-hop style moves are given to increase mobility and for relaxation and fun.

The Fundamentals II ages 8.0-9.0 (3rd grade) class is a continuation of Fundamentals I with new students grouped by age and experience. Students refine what they have learned in Fundamentals I adding new terminology and building a stronger technique.

The Fundamentals III ages 9.0-10.0 (4th grade) class adds 30 minutes to class time. Greater emphasis is placed on using correct ballet technique and body placement. Jazz technique is begun at this age, and traditional tap steps are taught to develop rhythmic coordination.

Young Dancer Young Dancer Young Dancer

Fundamentals Dress Code:
JLDC regulation Light Blue, pink tights, pink ballet slippers, Light Blue chiffon skirt and black patent leather tap shoes.
(Black jazz pants and Tan jazz shoes are optional for Fundamentals I and II students and required for Fundamentals III).

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Excel Class Dress Code:
Fundamentals Excel Students: Carnation Pink Regulation Leotard

Danceworks Excel Students: Coral Regulation Leotard

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Extra Fun Jazz- Winter Concert 2011

Please note that teacher class assignments are not finalized and are subject to change prior to the opening of the 2015-2016 school year. On rare occasions, under-subscribed classes will be canceled at the discretion of JLDC, at which time we will place your child in an appropriate class approved by parents and the school.