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Preparatory Program – ages 13-18

Preparatory Program 2015-2016 CLASS SCHEDULE

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The Dancer’s Preparatory Program is designed for experienced students who have demonstrated a special ability and interest in dance. There are five divisions of the Dancer’s Preparatory Program: ELEMENTARY, INTERMEDIATE I, INTERMEDIATE II, JUNIOR, and SENIOR. All classes in each level are required. The Director determines placement in a particular program. Preparatory students are taught to work together in a non-competitive way which allows them to compare themselves to their own performance and to standards of excellence rather than to measure their success by others.

Dress Code: JLDC regulation black leotard, pink tights, black jazz pants, pink ballet slippers, black tap and tan jazz shoes. Black footless tights are worn for modern.

To schedule a regulation dress code fitting please email Emily at info@jldancecenter.com

Please note that teacher class assignments are not finalized and are subject to change prior to the opening of the 2015-2016 school year. On rare occasions, under-subscribed classes will be canceled at the discretion of JLDC, at which time we will place your child in an appropriate class approved by parents and the school.