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Jazz, Tap and Hip hop- ages 6-18

2015-2016 Class Schedule

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JazzTied to rap and street music, hip hop has become one of the most popular forms of American jazz dance. In this class, students learn the latest dance steps: hip hop, street funk, video jazz and other cool ways to move. To ensure a proper foundation in dance for all jazz and hip hop students, ballet is recommended.

Hip Hop Dress Code:
JLDC regulation black leotard, black jazz pants and black hip hop sneakers.


Jazz and Tap are stylized, truly American forms of dance, based on fundamental ballet training and inspired by the pulse of today’s popular music. The jazz class consists of center floor exercises to develop proper technique, strength, and flexibility and includes progressions and dance combinations. A sound foundation in tap is established by learning standard tap vocabulary upon which more intricate footwork may be taught.

Jazz/Tap Dress Code:
JLDC regulation black leotard, black jazz pants, black tap shoes and tan jazz shoes.


To schedule a regulation dress code fitting please email Emily at info@jldancecenter.com

Please note that teacher class assignments are not finalized and are subject to change prior to the opening of the 2015-2016 school year. On rare occasions, under-subscribed classes will be canceled at the discretion of JLDC, at which time we will place your child in an appropriate class approved by parents and the school.