This was my first year participating in the Student Choreography program. I am in the Preparatory program at Joanne Langione, and watching my older classmates preform their own dances, it inspired me and a group of my friends to create our own.  Coming up with a theme for our dance wasn’t difficult for my group. Deanna, Jen, Rachel, and I have been friends forever and we wanted to portray how special our friendship genuinely is! At each rehearsal we worked together and shared our ideas, and took the time to really accomplish the idea of showing how much we care about one another. In my mind throughout this process, creating my own dance brought me freedom and responsibility, unlike having a teacher guide me step by step. This experience put me into my teachers foot steps, and made me realize how tough it can be to come up with choreography that makes sense with the song, flows and is original. The Student Choreography process led me to express myself. The more I choose to do this program the more prepared I will be in the future as a dancer!