SummerDance 2015 Programs


Registration Information:

Full payment must accompany registration.

Absence, Withdrawal or Dismissal: No portion of tuitions fees, paid or outstanding, is refunded in the event of absence, withdrawal or dismissal of a student from the school.

Dress Code: Leotard (any color); tights are optional. Ballet slippers and tap shoes are required for the full day program. Jazz shoes are optional for the younger students. Playdance JLDC dress code is required.

STAFF: Summerdance is staffed by JLDC professional faculty, assistant teachers and junior counselors.

Pick-up/Drop off: Children should be dropped off and picked up promptly in the rear of the building.

Lunch: Children should bring their own chilled lunch, snack and beverages. Lunches will be refrigerated. Water bottles are recommended.

Studios: The Joanne Langione Dance Center is well equipped with 3 spacious, air-conditioned studios. Reception areas include a place to store clothing and bathrooms.

Please note that teacher class assignments are not finalized and are subject to change prior to the opening of the 2014-2015 school year. On rare occasions, under-subscribed classes will be canceled at the discretion of JLDC, at which time we will place your child in an appropriate class approved by parents and the school.