2014-2015 Babydance & Playdance – ages 9 months -3 years

BabyDance (9 months –24 months) is a wonderfully exciting educational movement program that encourages your child’s natural curiosity for exploration. By providing her with simple, appropriate movement and song activities in a professional, fun, safe and caring environment, you will be helping develop her social and physical skills, contentment and confidence, setting the stage for future health and development.baby dance


The goal of Playdance (ages 2 – 3 years) is to foster a love of music and movement in your child. Using a large open dance space, a variety of music and song, along with several movement tools, the program is designed to be fun and to develop classroom readiness.  The concept of Playdance was created to ensure that young children do not begin formal training too early, yet are encouraged to explore as many ways of moving as their imaginations will allow. Class includes rest-time where children will hear a story and have juice.

Dress code: JLDC regulation pink leotard, pink tights, any color chiffon skirt and pink ballet slippers.

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Session II- Winter 2015  (12 Weeks)- Sunday Jan. 4th, 2015- Friday Apr. 3rd, 2015

Session III- Spring 2015  (10 Weeks)- Sunday Apr. 4th, 2015- Sunday Jun. 21st, 2015

Missed Playdance classes can be made up at your convenience. Click here to see the full schedule of PD make-up dates.


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