2018-2019 Session Dates and Fees

 Classes begin September 16, 2018 Fall Session Tuition: $290.00. Enrollment is ongoing. Students may join at anytime

Class Description

Calling all superheroes! This class disappeared underneath the parachute of invisibility, stopped balls of fire from destroying the city and exhibited their superhuman abilities through the obstacle course all in a days work! Your child is Spiderman, Superman, Batman, and more in these 60 minute classes shaking out their super hero moves while jumping, leaping, web-slinging, dancing and exploring their superhero identities, powers and attitudes which includes a Superhero story break!
RegisterClassDaysTimes (1 hour)
Enroll Today Superhero Fit & Tumble Mon 1:15, 2:15p
Enroll Today Superhero Fit & Tumble Tue 1:15, 2:15p
Enroll TodaySuperhero Fit & TumbleWed 1:15, 2:15p
Enroll Today Superhero Fit & Tumble Thu 1:15, 2:15p
Enroll Today Superhero Fit & Tumble Fri 1:15, 2:15p


2018-2019 Session Dates and Fees

Classes begin September 16, 2018 Tuition: $795.00. Enrollment is ongoing. Students may join at anytime.

About this class

Don’t let your sister have all the fun, this class was designed JUST FOR YOU! In this 60 min class, boys will develop strength, coordination and rhythm by incorporating hip hop and b-boy moves, breakdancing, basic tumbling, simple freezes and funky footwork! This all boys setting provides an outlet for self-expression, leading to an improved sense of self and confidence.
Enroll TodayBoys Move & GrooveSat12:00-1:00pm

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